Monday, May 1, 2017

Show Choir Audition Resources

Thank you to all the students interested in show choir.  There is a tremendous turnout which is very exciting.  It is in each student's best interest to practice and prepare as much as possible for auditions.  To make audition preparation easier, there are a few resources available below as well as some suggestions or hints for the audition process.

Choreography Video - Downloadable
Choreography Song - This is the audio which will be used in auditions

Note: the choreography video is for practice purposes only and will NOT be available during each audition.  Students will perform the choreography using the song above, without the video

Mr. Litten, Mrs. Coffey, and a few current 8th graders are available to help any students with auditions.  It isn't mandatory but help is available after school until 4:30pm Tuesday and Wednesday.  STUDENTS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED FROM PRACTICING DURING SCHOOL HOURS!

Audition Tips from Mr. Litten:

  • A good show choir consists of good singers and dancers, a GREAT show choir consists of students willing to learn - that's what the judges will be looking for.  We WILL be a great show choir!
  • Confidence is key - a mediocre performer with confidence is preferred over a good performer with little confidence.
  • Mistakes are expected.  We all make mistakes and I expect that mistakes will happen, what the judges have been instructed to look for is what happens immediately AFTER a mistake.  The judges want to see how well you recover from making a mistake so WHEN you make a mistake, keep going...confidently.
  • Smile!  Show choir is so much more than singing and dancing.  We are performing which means facial expression and body language play a role.  When you smile, it also makes it look like you're having fun...which is what show choir is all about.
  • PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!  That is the number one thing that is often overlooked.  It is too easy for a judge to take note of a student who obviously could have used more practice.  But, don't practice during school hours.
  • Practice your choreography with your group.  While you will be judged individually, you will be relying on your group during the choreography, so practice with your group.
  • Drink plenty of water!  Hydrate early.
  • When you sing, be yourself.  You aren't the artist who originally sang the song you chose, and nobody wants you to be that person.  The judges want to hear YOU. 
  • Open your mouth when singing.  Your mouth is where the sound comes out, so like the bell of a trumpet, open it up.  This also helps with confidence.
  • Make eye contact.  As difficult as it might be, out of respect, look at the judges.  They want to see you perform so don't look away, shy.
If you've forgotten your audition time or need to sign up, HERE is the link to the audition times.

Lastly, I'm no fan of auditions because I believe that if you're willing to go through auditions then you have some level of interest in choir, which I encourage.  However, in show choir, auditions are necessary.  Unfortunately, I cannot take all of you...or else, I would.  My hope is that if auditions don't go favorably for you, that you won't be discouraged and will prepare harder for next time.  I'm here to help.  After auditions, I will share any information with students to help them improve.  I will not, however, share score information as that is neither helpful or productive.  Auditions are a snapshot of your ability in a high pressure situation, not of your overall abilities.  Don't let the results of show choir auditions dictate who you are or what you love to do.

Good luck to everyone!