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Announcing the 2018-2019 HMS Patriot Singers

Please read the entire statement:
Congratulations to ALL students who auditioned for the Patriot Singers Show Choir!  No matter the results, you should be proud that you had the courage and commitment to go through the audition process.  I was impressed by the level of talent I witnessed at auditions and I am thrilled at the numbers of auditions.  Unfortunately, not every student can make it which makes auditions so incredibly difficult.  If you didn't make show choir for next year, keep working.  I'm here to help and I'm willing to hear any student, regardless if they're in show choir or not.  Remember, auditions and tryouts are only a picture of your overall ability at one moment and never reflect who you are as a person.  Results of an audition shouldn't define who you are.  Only you can do that.

If you made show choir for next year, congratulations.  We have one of the most rawly talented groups I've ever seen at Homewood, but...we have A LOT of work to do.…

HMS Patriot Singers Audition Results

HMS Patriot Singers Show Choir Results will be posted at 5:00pm today.  Please be patient.