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Resources for Solo Competition Contestants

What is solo competition?
Solo competition is in conjunction with all of our show choir competitions.  Solo competition is individual and is judged separately from the show choir competition although they happen at the same time and often in the same location.  Solo competition is open to any show choir performer (those who are performing with a show choir group).

Solo competition participants are asked to select ONE song of their choice to perform for a judge.  Competitors will be scored on a variety of criteria including vocal quality, performance ability, and song choice, among other categories.  The scores will be tallied and the soloist with the highest score will be selected as the winner (sometimes there are 2 winners, male and female - it depends on the competition).  At a few of our competitions the solo winners will be invited to perform their solo on stage in front of the whole audience during the show choir competition awards ceremony.

Choosing your song:
This is important.  You need to choose a song that showcases your best abilities AND that the audience can relate to; often it's dramatic where the audience can become fully engaged.  It is suggested that as you're searching for a song that you sing a little of the song to see if it's something that you enjoy singing AND is dramatic.  Listen to the song several times once you've picked it with the idea that you're an audience member watching someone perform that song.  If you get into the song then it probably satisfies the "dramatic" characteristic.

If you're having trouble finding a song here are some suggestions:
  1. Listen to music.  iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube.  Do what is called "following the wormhole" where you listen to a song then click on a related song, then another, and another until you find something that fits you.
  2. Google - search everything you can think of to find song lists, ex. "popular dramatic solo songs for 7th grade boy" or "dramatic song for girl solo."  There'll be links to lists that will pop up.
Once you have your song:
Once you have a song that you like and think would be good for this type of competition, you need to get an accompaniment track and sheet music.

Accompaniment Track: You'll likely be using one of these for your performance.  This is a track that has all the instrumentation you'll need to sing your song.  The alternative is to have "live" accompaniment which is either you or someone else playing the instrumentation (usually only piano) that you sing over.  Unless you've spoken to Mr. Litten, let's assume that you're going to use a track.

Here are some places you can look to find a suitable accompaniment track:
  • - type your song or artist into the search box.
  • iTunes - search for the "karaoke" or "instrumental" version of your song (ex: "Titanium Karaoke")
  • - type your song or artist into the search box.
  • If you can't find a track from these sources I have some others we can try...don't despair.
Here are some places you can use to find the sheet music:
Practicing your song:
Practice, practice, practice!  I'm here to help but I can't teach you the song.  Do you best to learn the song on your own then I'll help you with the performance aspect of the competition.  Get your song learned with your accompaniment track.  When we have time, I'll pull you out of your elective to work with you one on one.  I'll give you pointers and suggestions to singing your song to an audience.  Then practice more.  The better you know your song the better your performance will be and the more likely that your audience will enjoy it.

I'm here to help.  Please ask me questions.  If I'm unavailable then text or email me and I'll make time to work with you.

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