Young Voices

 The Young Voices Festival is an annual event held on the campus of Auburn University.  The dates are May 4-5, 2012.  The Festival is made up of two different choirs (Jr. High Girls and a Jr. High Mixed Choir).  These choirs are selected from students who audition statewide on Saturday, February 11, 2012.  Each choir is conducted by a nationally recognized director or teacher.  This offers our students a great opportunity they may not be able to experience at Homewood alone.  All choir students (Patriot Singers, 8th Grade Concert Choir, and 7th Grade Choir) at Homewood are eligible to attend Young Voices with the following requirements:

7th Grade Girls: Can only audition for the Jr. High Girls Choir.
8th Grade Girls: May audition for either the Jr. High Girls Choir or the Jr. High Mixed Choir. Please mark your preference on the attached commitment form.
7th Grade Boys: Can only audition for the Jr. High Mixed Choir.
8th Grade Boys: Can only audition for the Jr. High Mixed Choir.

Students who are chosen to participate will travel to Auburn, spend the night on Friday, May 4, and return on Saturday night, May 5 (they will miss school on May 4).  The trip will cost approximately $125.00 (depending on how many students are selected to participate).  If you are selected for the trip, you will be responsible for the cost of the trip, even if you choose to not attend in May.  Students stay in hotel rooms with other students.  (Parents will not stay in the hotel rooms with the students.)  If you want to pay for a room for you and your child, you may stay in the room with them, but I need to know this immediately.  The trip is great!!

7th and 8th grade students will audition in Birmingham on Saturday, February 11, 2012.  Details on audition times and specific locations will be available in January.  These students must learn their music for the audition.  They will receive a CD with their voice part recorded on it.  It is their responsibility to learn the music. I will not teach the music to them.  We will have a couple of rehearsals just before the audition to work on trouble spots but that is all.

Audition Process:
The students will audition as a group for each choir (except 6thgrade boys).  They can use their music – in fact, they have to have their music to audition.  They will stand in a semi-circle grouped by voice parts and will sing a portion of each song accompanied by a piano recorded on a CD.  There will be two judges (not me) who will walk along the students listening for correct notes and voice strength.  Their goal is to ensure that the students who are selected know their music.  The students will not have to sing by themselves at any time (only exception to this might be a boy whose voice is changing and if the judges need to hear such an individual, all other students will be sent out of the room).  It is very important for students to be at this audition, so please put this on your calendar now – Saturday, February 11. Specific times will be given to you as soon as the schedule is completed.

In order to reserve an audition place, I need to have the enclosed Commitment Form signed by the student and parent along with $35.00 to pay for the music, CD and audition fee by Wednesday, December 14, 2011.  No late commitment forms will be accepted.

If you have any questions, please call me at anytime.  I hopefully will have the CD’s in before the winter break, but I do have most of the music packets in, so your student can get started over the break.

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